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What is the quickest, easiest and most profitable way to sell the gold in the modern market? Whether checking online or going to the local gold buyer, be sure you are not getting cheated.

SL Gold Buyer is one of the most trusted gold buyer in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon and also the authentic gold buyer in Delhi-NCR. When compared with other you will certainly agree with the ease and profitability of the process.


SI GOLD Buyer isn't a pawn shop or a jeweler, but a licensed gold buyer - dealing directly with the customer. That's why we pay more than anyone - up to 20% more than other gold buyers. You'll get paid more when you sell gold jewelry to us. The most trusted Gold buyer in Noida Delhi and Gurgaon.

SI GOLD Buyer uses several tests to assess the value of your precious metals: electronic analysis, scratch analysis, and x-ray fluorescence testing.

SI GOLD Buyer stores your valuables in a vault within a locked room, inside a secure area protected by bulletproof glass. The entire secure area is monitored by video 24/7.


If you change your mind about selling your jewelry, simply contact us and return your check within 10 days of receiving the offer. Once we have received your check back, we’ll be happy to return your items to you free of charge.

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